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Shipping & Cancellation Policy

General Shipping Rules:

  1. All orders placed post 5:00 pm shall be processed for dispatch within 24 hours only and delivered to you as per the given timelines.
  2. Any order placed/booked on late weekend i.e. on Saturday post 5:00 pm will be automatically processed for dispatch on Monday or on Next Working day evening. There is no courier service or pickups on Sunday or on any Government Holiday hence we have restricted dispatch timelines due to the limited shelf life of our products.
  3. Orders booked during any festival month might be a delay in dispatch/delivery in comparison to its normal delivery timelines due to several reasons like shortage of stock, overloaded shipments for delivery.
  4. Shipping Details while booking should be correct and any delay in delivery due to wrong details will be sole responsibility of customer only.

Shipping and Other Charges:

  1. Applicable shipping charge per order is Rs.100/- to Rs. 500/-, depending upon the gross weight of the cart.
  2. We levy "Packaging and Forwarding charges" as 10% of the order total. This is inclusive of GST.

Cancellations and Refunds:

Bikanervala does not take title to returned items. Any case of refund or cancellation is at sole discretion of Bikanervala.

In case of refund, a coupon code will be provided of the refund amount.

Once order is processed for dispatch, cancellation will not be allowed.

Grievance Cell:

  1. All product and shipping related concerns will be entertained within 24 hours of delivery only.
  2. Pictures of concern is must.
  3. All email should be marked to ecommerce@bikano.com

Cash on Delivery: Currently Unavailable

Delivery Timelines:

Note: In consideration of COVID, delivery timelines are increased with 2 days from the below usual TAT.

Delivery for Delhi & NCR - within 48hrs time only

Delivery for all Metro cities - within 2-3 days only

Delivery for all Non-metro cities - within 5-7 days only